Fed fund rate change at 2:15PM

Posted By on April 30, 2008

The Federal reserve is expected to make a 1/4 point move lower today … many believe this will be the last and that this indication will be mentions. Anything but an expected move will certainly make markets swing wildly so it could be time to hold on. Inflation is a growing problem as we try to survive the sub-prime banking mess and huge moves in oil prices. Everybody feels energy costs and all the affected areas by those increase costs … particularly food items. Its eventually going to impact the bottom line for most families and two of the three leading candidates (McCain and Clinton) for President are supporting a summer fuel tax holiday in hopes to relieve some pain. Its a small help, but might help buy the poorest American drivers the most.

Fed announcement: 1/4 point in the fund rate and 1/4 in the discount rate. Core inflation has improved, but energy and food higher. Uncertainly remains high. Moderate growth expected and Fed will act as needed.


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