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Posted By on April 14, 2008

Toothbrush and TPA couple months ago I posted “Would you like a lemon with your water?” and have personally decided that it is something I can do without. Since my daughter, who is in medical school, was home this past week on spring break, the “Lemon story” came up when we were out to eat.We had a good hearted discussion and debate, and her argument was that a good strong immune system stays that way when it is required to defend your body so a little bacteria is no big deal. She debated that the “lemon wedge thing” could be a bit over blown concluding that researchers could probably find contaminates in most restaurants. (I’m not completely in disagreement, but will still pass on “lemon with my water.”) Anyway, I spotted another similar news story this weekend and thought I would share … and of course will forward the link to my daughter after I flush the toilet a few times next to her toothbrush!

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