Gold Metal 10 & 11: Michael Phelps is impressive

Posted By on August 13, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic RingsAquaman Michael Phelps is now greatest Olympic gold metal winner of all times — 11 Golds with 3 more swimming events to go in Being. It is hard to believe that at age 23, he is only 3 victories from breaking Mark Spitz’s single-Games record of seven golds, set in the Munich pool in 1972.
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“Phelps won the butterfly in a world record time of 1 minute, 52.03 seconds after his goggles filled with water at the start. That pulled him ahead of the nine golds of Spitz, Carl Lewis, Paavo Nurmi and Larissa Latynina on the career list of Olympic titles.

“When I was on the awards stand I started thinking about it and that’s when I started tearing up,” Phelps told reporters. “To know that I did it, at the top, with so many great athletes, to be at these Olympic Games, it’s pretty amazing.”

Phelps added to his victories in the 400 individual medley, 400 freestyle relay and 200 freestyle in Beijing. He won six gold medals in Athens four years ago.

Phelps then swam the lead-off leg as the U.S. won the 800 freestyle relay and sliced more than four seconds off the world record.”

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