Strong 70+ mph winds do damage in Ohio

Posted By on September 14, 2008

Cincinnati wind gusts
Hurricane Ike didn’t just come ashore and disappear after the Texas and Louisiana landfall, but continued to leave damage in its path. On Sunday here in Ohio, the strong winds arrived and were gusting over 70 mph between 2 and 6 PM. Here in the Cincinnati area, power outages were widespread — 650,000 in the Cincinnati area, 80,000 in Dayton and 90,000 in northern Kentucky.
Shingles off back of house

In anticipation of moderate winds, I put most of our cushions and lightweight items away, but didn’t expect that the wind would be strong enough to take down trees, tear off shingles on our house and blow the gazebo off its pilings in our community lake. Here are a few photos (click photo for larger versions):

Shingles off back of house
Shingles off the roof of our house
Shingles off back of house

Pear Tree in front
Bradford Pear down in front of house

Pear Tree in front
Tree from upstairs window

Gazebo off pilings
Gazebo blown off pilings

Pine tree down
Pine torn out by the roots

Marvin cleaning up
Clean up in the neighborhood


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