Dishwashing and Dishwashers

Posted By on November 24, 2008

dishwasherOne of the current replacement needs in our house is the dishwasher. It still works, but is far from efficient or effective. Like many people I’ve talked too, we spend more time washing the dishes before stacking them in the dishwasher then running the crazy thing with relatively clean dishes in it? (and we’ve done that with the 3 dishwashers we have owned in our lifetime: 1st was a 1970s Kenmore, 2nd a 1990s replacement “plastic shell” Maytag and finally our current 1996 mid-line KitchenAid. There must be a “best” option?

Here’s a short CBS Sunday Morning Tivo-ed video that might offer a glimpse as to what dishwashers should do and how to use them (the one in the video is a top of the line Kenmore, if I’m not mistaken?)


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