Low priced gasoline is the only economic bright spot

Posted By on November 18, 2008

Marathon at $1.65Fuel prices are pretty low not too far from my house today. I filled up with unleaded regular at a Circle K Marathon station for $1.65 over the lunch hour and decided not to gripe about my 20.8 mpg. (Honda 4wd Pilot) This price is about the lowest I’ve seen and after listening to the business news realized the cost of fuel the only positive coming out of our down-turned economy. The doom and gloom is rampant as the stockmarket yo-yos to find a bottom and the domestic big three automakers state their case for an additional 25 billion dollar bailout on Capital Hill. (Idiots — both management and labor … and those we elect to oversee things in Washington DC) Hmm, there was a time when I thought we would see an instant recovery, but I’m starting to have my doubts.


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