Towelette canister presents a safety issue for dummies

Posted By on April 21, 2009

Some days I can’t help but question my intelligence or lapse of judgment. I’m about to embarrass myself, for at minimum, lack of forethought — if not just being a dummy.

Finger stuck Star lid

There was a container of antibacterial wipes sitting in the washroom and I noticed that the dispensing cap wasn’t “loaded” correctly. I opened the container and proceded to re-load the next moist towellette into the cap … using of all things my finger. Without thinking I pushed both the disposable cloth and my finger into the sharp star designed lid, the one which holds the Wet Ones® style cloths so they can be torn. To my shock, I couldn’t get my finger back out and a bit of pain began to register. The harder I pulled the deeper the stiff, sharp plastic points went into my finger.
So … a bit of advice for those with similar “lapse of judgment” … don’t use your finger.



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