Nickelodeon and Ed Begley Jr. on Earth Day 2009

Posted By on April 22, 2009

nickI don’t normally think about Earth Day in advance, but since Ed Begley Jr. sent me an email mentioning he and his daughter were going to be on Nickelodeon, I set my Tivo. Since I’ve ‘archived’ Season 1 and Season 2 of Living with Ed I figured this would be a good post to mention it.

Unfortunately I spend the evening typing a fairly long post reflecting on our waste of energy and ended up loosing my entire post. Basically my thinking was that we don’t need to live “off the grid” to make a difference, but we can all do a few small things to live a little ‘greener.’ Combining trips, right sizing our homes and vehicles, insulating, being conscious of our thermostats and how many light we leave on are just a few simple things we can do. I’ve got a sense that our kids will be able to make this change easier than us?

Nick Off The Grid for Earth Day 2009


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