Hmm, I hope the problem is just a battery?

Posted By on September 30, 2009

While traveling  a couple hundred miles from home today the battery in my 2006 Honda Pilot just died. No warning, no instrument panel lights, no discolored “eye” (still green) and NO juice. New Walmart Battery $75 + $9 refundable coreFortunately I live in “middle America” where people are still friendly and motorist even stop to help each other out. Although I had my tool bag, my portable jump starter was sitting worthlessly in my garage at home — real bright Rich! Thankfully the good Samaritan had a set of jumper cables and I was off and amazingly still on time (early actually)  for my appointment in Akron. As I drove, I pondered … and yes Twittered … wondering  just what the best course of action should be.  I looked at the clock, I figured I could spare about 20 minutes to pick up a battery at service center. After checking my Sprint Navigation GPS app on my Palm Pre for nearby stores, I settled on a Walmart where a new battery set me back $75 plus a $9 refundable core charge. Thankfully the Honda Pilot has a simple battery bracket, decent cable clamps and made the swap a 15 minute deal — my only gripe is that my deep sockets are at home — and I still made my appointment with less than clean hands.

Hopefully it is ‘just the battery,’ … tomorrow may tell?

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