Updated the Palm Pre webOS to 1.2 and all is well

Posted By on September 29, 2009

updating Palm PreI waited until I arrived home today before risking the update to webOS 1.2 on my Palm Pre. It’s not that I’m overly paranoid, but I’m no longer comfortable taking that chance, having to swap phones last week — thank you Sprint. The download took about 5 minutes though the broadband connection and installation another five. After rebooting, I noticed my two bluetooth headsets didn’t pair — so add another couple minutes — but they were still registered (BT was off after the update too).

The feature I, and other Palm Pre users, have been waiting for was the web browser ‘cut and paste’ … and it was well worth it since it works great. Holding down the orange options key while swiping the text is all that is need to highlight, then touch the gestures area and ‘c’ (copy) key saves the text. Multi-task over to an email, appointment or memo and then touch gesture area with a ‘v’ (paste) inserts the text as easy as pie. As with text ‘copy and paste’ improvement, images can be saved to the phone or ‘shared’ (emailed) as well. Holding down the orange option key while touching the image on the screen brings up the menu to “share or save.” It also works great — well done Palm!

Copy and PasteThe update also adds more social networking synchronization with one’s LinkedIn profile, similar to the Pre’s sync with Facebook and Google. For developers of apps, they now support paying for third-party software on the App Catalog. For business users, the update improves support for Exchange security policies.

The webOS 1.2 update improves the calendar by permitting dialing phone numbers straight from the calendar application … I’m still waiting for a search feature (something I sorely miss that my Treo did). For people who use voicemail in an email … or voice memos, the update allows email users directly play WAV files that are attached. Personally it would be nice to have support for a few other audio files, especially the compress formats used by some voice to email services.

For music lovers, the Pre can now download music from Amazon online music stores, but will not permit syncing with Apple’s iTunes software. Hmm?

So far this is a good update … hopefully more to come every couple of months.

Copy Image from Web with Palm Pre and webOS 1.2
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