No 2009 Volkswagen TDIs, but 2010s are on there way

Posted By on September 28, 2009

2010 VW Sportwagen TDI

It has been frustrating for wannabe Volkswagen TDI buyers planning to purchase a new 2009 diesel late this summer or fall. Most have discovered that there are none to be had and that MSRP and sometimes above is required to get on a dealer list for a 2010 first off the boat (happening this week!) This time it’s not that VW isn’t making them (lapse for a couple years) or that $4.00 gasoline have sent people running to buy a fuel-sipper … no, it’s  that wonderful US govenment “Cash for Clunker” program.

“If you hear from dealers or customers complaining about where their Jetta [TDI] Sportwagen is or they can’t buy a Jetta[TDI] Sportwagen–because believe me we get these emails every day” Keys told Journalists, “(the cash for clunkers program) is what did it.”

According to Steve Keyes, over sixty-five percent of Volkswagens purchased through the clunker program were the high fuel mileage Jetta TDIs diesel. Not only did the “new car sale boosting program” take cars from customers that would have been full price non-taxpayer funded vehicles, but they also took away the Volkswagen cars that were selling the best.

Even before the clunker program, Volkswagen was selling the new ‘clean diesel’ version of their Jetta and Sportwagen at a fast clip. In fact, VW expected about a third of Jetta TDI sedans sold would have Volkswagen’s “clean diesel” and about half of the Jetta Sportwagens. They were wrong, says Steve Keyes, sales of Jetta TDI sedans ran about forty percent, and over the past couple of months over eighty percent with the Jetta Sportwagen TDI.

“The good news is,” continued Keys, “we just started shipping the 2010 models, and particularly the Jetta Sportwagen.”


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