Living with a large coyote or coywolf in the neighborhood

Posted By on October 30, 2009


My apology for the lousy Palm Pre ‘enlarged’ photo of a large coyote who has been roaming our Liberty Township Ohio neighborhood.  It has been a source of concern for neighbors and pet owners  that we’ve had a few more coyotes than normal … and that this particular large male has decided to make his daily trek through our neighborhood. When I was on vacation I received a call from my neighbor concerned for our dog as she spotted a “coyote as big as a German Shepard” in her backyard. I thanked her for the concern and rolled my eyes as to the size … assuming she was exaggerating (sorry Pam) … knowing my Australian Blue Heeler had proudly brought me a frail dead coyote in the past, as she does with other animals – raccoons, rabbits, birds, squirrel and even minks. Today, to my amazement, a beautiful auburn colored LARGE coyote (or possibly coywolf as the larger ones have been called) ran past me in the front yard while I was raking up leaves. At first I couldn’t believe the size as we starred at each other as we were only 50 feet apart. I struggled for my phone to try and take a photo (above), but he was having little to do with it. Nevertheless, our dog Tootsie is not spending the night outside tonight.

I did a little Googling tonight in hopes to pinpoint a bit more information … and came up with a photo that was somewhat similar to what I saw today.

Eastern CoyWolf

EDIT 11/6/2009: Adding an excellent Urban Coyote PDF information sheet (rt click save as) and a photo just to remind those of us with ‘relatively’ bold and hardy dogs that a coyote bite is nothing to mess with …

Coyote Teeth


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