Wasted time filling out and returning my census form today

Posted By on October 31, 2009

Census for 2009

In my opinion, the American Community Survey — aka: 2010 Census —  is a waste of time and money. For one, it is an oversized packet of paperwork being sent to 3 million Americans and is costly to print, mail and tabulate; wouldn’t it have been far more efficient to produce as a Scantron card. Second, I find the information they are requesting to be of little service to our country and its taxpaying citizens. Is it so important for me and 3 million others to take 45 minutes to answer questions like “what is my ancestry” — I’m an American — incorrect answer. I’m puzzled, why is it important to know where my ancestors came from 150 years ago if we are a melting pot nation who is not suppose to see race, color or creed? Other questions seem just as insignificant to me:Do I have running water in our house” or “how many rooms in our house or mobile home?” I find it difficult to understand why our tax dollars are being spent on a slew of questions similar to these.  Wouldn’t we rather have a few more dollars revolving in our economy or used to actually upgrade infrastructure so more communities offered running water if this is a big issue? If congress wants to save a few dollars when they do our 2020 census, just ask the simple question like how many live in your household and are you a legal citizen of the United States (as if you’ll get the correct answers). These could all be answered on a simple computer read Scantron return card instead of a thick oversized envelope requiring manual tabulation … or here’s an idea, offer a web-based checkbox form or even a touchtone phone reply?

Then again, perhaps I misunderstand the purpose of the American Community Survey — bigger government redistributing wealth.


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