Replaced my Jawbone bluetooth headset with the Jawbone Prime

Posted By on October 6, 2009

Jawbone 1 and Prime with Palm Pre

I have been satisfied with my well used first generation Jawbone bluetooth earpiece and have found its noise canceling technology to work exceptionally well (old MP3 test). It is a bit cumbersome to wear regularly, especially in public, but has been a real help while in a car. I’ve taken to leaving in the earpiece in the vehicle since it has not been convenient to wear or carry in a pocket. For those times I’ve tried, I’ve bent and broken the ear fob as well as the brittle plastic speaker part that holds the rubber ‘earshoe’ … for lack of a more appropriate term. Repair parts weren’t cheap and the several Superglue attempts have gooped it up.

backside of Jawbone PrimeSo … I’ve opted to buy the new generation 3 Jawbone Prime. It is smaller, lighter and more comfortable to wear. I’ve found the sound just as satisfactory as the original, although it looks just as fragile as the original. I do like the black color and am finding the very tiny blinking LED a plus (the brighter blinking lights in most BT earpieces are an annoyance when driving at night … especially reflecting off my driver-side door window). I’ve noticed that the company models the Jawbone Prime without the earloop in several marketing photos, but for me it might be better to use the loop? Nevertheless, I’m giving it a go without it just so I can safely carry it around in my shirt pocket.

Jawbone without earloop

Yes … I need a haircut! 😆


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