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Posted By on December 28, 2009

external with notebook

As mentioned earlier, my primary Gateway NX570XL notebook computer is having LCD screen related problems. I ordered a new inverter board prior to Christmas that would have been the least expensive repair, but the item that was shipped was incorrect — much larger (longer) than the one on my computer (photo below).

One of the interesting finding is that of computer speed. When running the computer with  both the  ‘super’ dim LCD and external monitor all speeds were as usual. When I disassembled the notebook, removing the LCD panel and unplugging, the attached external monitor’s resolution began natively higher (now1280x1024) AND the computer now runs significantly faster than it did previously. The external is a Samsung 170s (older) but the quality is very good with the added benefit of more pixels and more speed. Besides the loss of portability, it is nice having increased response and speeds.

I’ve ordered an entirely new replacement LCD screen in hopes that I can repair it … and for those who have successfully replaced the backlight tube, I take my hat is off to you — it’s no easy task.

old new inverter

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