Successful Christmas light repair using the Lightkeeper Pro

Posted By on December 4, 2009

Using the Lightkeeper Pro In a follow up to my post concerning defective Christmas lights, I’ve been working to salvage strings of mini lights before tossing them into the landfill. So far I’ve been pleased the Lightkeeper Pro and have been successful in being able to repair at least a dozens strands of lights. The fixes have not been without a few lost bulbs, although the half off half on problem was eliminated quickly on all but one string of lights – that’s an over 90% success rate. The real problem is once a string has been ‘zap’ repaired, there are always several individual bulbs in each string that will not light. Some I have been able to replace with spare bulbs, but in most cases it was far easier to just put the strings of mini lights back up missing a few lights.

So, if you have become overwhelmed by half lit strings of defective lights, give the Lightkeeper Pro a try … especially if you can pick one up for a few dollars after Christmas (currently about $20, if you can find one locally).


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