Is Healthcare “Deader than a doornail”

Posted By on January 22, 2010

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After President Obama, and most of the U.S. Congress (the Democrats), wasted a year on massive health care legislation, many are suggesting our nations’ leaders may finally be getting the message: Focus on jobs and the economy before spending money we don’t have on taking over health care. The current bills, according to some, will unlikely go further and if … and when … they do, may included a few voices of reason when considering some reform of health care. If “deader than a doornail” is too extreme, perhaps a USAToday reference to a more ironic description is appropriate?

Critical condition. Life support. Code Blue.

Any kind of medical cliche can be used to describe the state of President Obama’s health care initiative.

The election of Republican Scott Brown to the Senate gives the GOP the power to block a final health care bill, so the Obama White House and the Democrats are scrambling to figure out what they can do — if anything.


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