Cleaning out my closet, although I should do it again

Posted By on February 19, 2010

In a belated personal post, after reviewing a few photos from earlier in the week on my Palm Pre, I’m archiving a post of what was part of my Valentine’s Day gift to my wife. She has been threatening reminding me for the better part of a year to clean out my half of the closet — “either throw away or donate those old clothes.” My motto has been so long as there is room I’ll keep it – a bad motto.

closetcleaning clothestodonate

With cabin fever taking hold due recent snows, I begrudgingly decided that I should start the project on V-Day and finally went to work. Reality set in, and something told me to give up on ever fitting into waist size 33” and 34” jeans. I don’t need yellowed and ragged tee-shirts no matter what was printed on them and realized the couple dozen old shirts I haven’t worn in years (nor ever will) are better given to someone who might wear them. It is embarrassing to admit, but I found a few shirts dating back to college and several from our first decade of marriage – what was I thinking? It’s not as if I haven’t gone through them before, but the pack-rat in me has never been able to give them up until now. So finally the mood was right to just close my eyes and get rid of them before I start to contemplate their antique historical value!  


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