Cash for Appliances – limited window of opportunity

Posted By on March 28, 2010


We’ve been thinking about replacing our humble (less than functional) dishwasher for a couple years now and the latest government giveaway stimulus program is just the push we needed. There is a small window of opportunity and a limited number of dollars available for each state to stimulate consumers to upgrade their existing appliances with new “Qualified ENERGY STAR®” rated model.

For us that means applying for an Ohio “Reservation” for a rebate of $100 – dishwasher amount. The online site to apply for this was busy on Saturday (and Friday – see news clip below) and took a little bit to navigate. I also noticed the number of reservation for dishwashers disappearing fast.  I think most people will also be surprised by the limited window of opportunity –  March 26, 2010 – April 19, 2010. So if you are thinking about applying for a new appliance rebate, do it soon and don’t forget your Proof of Recycling Form PDF.

Note: after receiving your “reservation,” you’ll have 3 days in which to make the purchase and complete the final steps before your “reservation” expires.

Reservation Appliance Type:
Reward Amount: $100.00
Your Reservation #: 3978XXXXX
Your rebate reservation has been made. You have now completed Step 1 of the 3-step process
Next Steps:
1. Purchase appliance from an Ohio retailer (online purchases not eligible).
2. Redeem your rebate (have your reservation number and phone number ready).
You must purchase and redeem your rebate by 03-30-2010 11:59pm.
Your reservation will expire on 03-30-2010 11:59pm.
If your reservation expires, you can create a new reservation if funds are still available.


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