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Posted By on March 17, 2010

lunch100317Enjoyed a TWiT broadcast by streaming Security Now over a late lunch while catching up on my email today. The weather is starting to feel like we are turning the corner and closing in on spring; sunny and near 60 degrees today.

The news of the day seems to be focused on the house Democratic leadership and President Obama looking for votes in order to pass the controversial Senate Health Care bill. Ohio’s liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich is now a “yes’” vote and behind the bill after a trip home to Cleveland in AirForce One with President Obama. According to most counts, that puts the House only a few votes short of passing Health Care.  Michigan’s Rep. Bart Stupak is still holding firm with a ‘no’ vote, but I expect that IF Speaker Pelosi doesn’t whip the liberal votes she needs, that she’ll cave to language that will eliminate federal tax dollars being spent for abortions — that will bring aboard pro-life Democrats including Stupak (p. 237 and p. 2070 in the Senate version).

Call me a pessimist, but it looks to me as if the public opinion against the current overhaul is going to be ignored, and that President Obama will have a bill on his desk before his trip overseas. The only hope is that the CBO numbers frighten those Democrats who are wondering just how America will pay for this huge entitlement.


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