Chat: How I ended a long term technology relationship

Posted By on July 15, 2010


Unfortunately I’ve been forced to end my fax to email service after well over a decade. At one time I had several EFAX or JFax (J2/JConnect) phone numbers, but as business changed so did justifying ‘paying’ for service. I did appreciate receiving faxes to my email box and have used several other freebie sending options, but one of my JFax numbers remained free and worked flawlessly for many years. Unfortunately this week must have been cleanup week for the company as they without warning cut off service. After a brief chat session, it was time to give up on receiving free faxes from JFax.

Matthew: Welcome to our sales chat. How may I help you?

Rich: My acct isn’t working and I was unable to log in.

Matthew: Let me take a look at the account…

Rich: thx

Matthew: You have a free account and the number has been recalled. One of the primary limitations of the free accounts is the numbers can be reassigned at anytime. I have some options available for you. You will have to upgrade to a paid account, but I can give you a 30 day free trial to help you transition over.

Rich: I’m a very light user, but appreciate the voicemail and occasional fax. What options are available. Any free?

Matthew: You are using the voicemail functionality then?

Rich: Just a little bit. The automated answer use to come on and give an option.

Rich: Not necessary I suppose now that I could use Google Voice.

Matthew: Here’s what I can do on the pricing.

Matthew: This will be sans the voicemail.

Matthew: EFax Plus allows you to receive 130 pages per month and its 15 cents for each additional page.

Matthew: You can send 30 pages per month and it’s 10 cents for each additional page.

Matthew: The monthly cost is $16.95.

Matthew: I’ll also give you the first 30 days free, $10.00 off the second month of service, so the second month is only $6.95.

Matthew: This special pricing is ONLY available directly through Live Chat, and if I do the setup directly.

Rich: Hmm, really hard to justify since 90% of what faxes I still do are on the office fax. I travel one day a week and it was always nice to have a fax to email option … but can’t justify the $16.95. Suppose it is time to give it up?

Matthew: If you’re looking for the least expensive service and your usage is basic, I have a $9.99 per month plan. I can still give you 30 days free on that and have a number active in a couple of minutes.

Matthew: That would be with a different number…

Rich: Can’t keep same number?

Matthew: Not on the 9.99 plan.

Matthew: I can use the same number on the $16.95 plan.

Rich: I’m going to pass. I do wish there would have been a warning sent rather then just cutting it off. (a suggestion) Thanks for your help.

Matthew: Allright. Have a good one Rich…

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.


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