Updated computer-less VOIP NetTalk Duo device announced

Posted By on July 16, 2010

The NetTalk VOIP device and service that I use at the house has been far from perfect (initial post), but then again the cost is peanuts compared tonettalkduo landline or many other VOIP services – our device is grandfathered with lifetime service. Usually I’d be smiling to have something like this, but the recent have updates to the company’s hosting technology was a major headache. Part of the planned upgrade was readying for a new piece of hardware call the NetTalk Duo. Although the old TK6000 hardware resembles the Duo being just as  small with a port for the phone (or phone network), USB/Power and router. It is somewhat unique in that it operates without a computer being connected to the device.

The new sleeker Duo also boasts a new core processor better suited for the intended voice application … according to NetTalk. The device also has a new ringing circuit, programmable LEDs and a new USB electrical interface – the USB was flawed on the TK6000 and doesn’t work with either a Mac or Windows 7 computer, so much for travel with the TK6000. There is also now a reset button, rather than unplugging to reboot and an indicator warning not to disconnect while the device is being programmed.

Probably the most noticeable difference is that the price has been reduced to $69.95 and includes one full year of service free ($29.95/yr there after). preorder10off All is a fair price if the service improves … but for the record, NetTalk is not the Ma Bell landline service some of us might have grown to expect when picking up a wired telephone handset at home – buyer beware. My advice is for now, buy with an open mind and have a back up phone available. (The opinion above is from my experience is with the TK6000 and in dealing with the difficulties the company has had with their recent upgrades and the fact that the VOIP line it doesn’t work well as a fax line)

NetTalk Duo Video Ad Below:


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