Enjoyed the Reds/Rockies game with two great guys

Posted By on July 18, 2010

Reds0Rockies1_100718Although the Cincinnati Reds came up short in Sunday’s Ohio Northern University alumni baseball outing against the Colorado Rockies (final 0-1), I enjoyed spending the day at the Great American Ballpark with my my son and my close friend Jeff from ONU dorm days. Jeff Pitts is someone who has been there through thick and thin and embarrassingly someone I often take for granted; he is always ready to lend a hand or offer his wise council – thanks for your loyal friendship Jeff. 

I’m also fortunate to have a socially busy son who happily makes time to spend with his dad (and seems to enjoy it) – thanks Taylor. We had a great day.


  • James O’Keefe

    We were there too. Enjoyed your tweeting this photo.

  • Sam Adams

    Great photo of the new building in Cincinnati. It is one of my favorite cities especially for baseball. Don’t tell me you took this with your Palm cellphone????

  • Yes Sam Adams, photo was taken with the Palm Pre. 🙂

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