I have a bone to pick with Avast antivirus software

Posted By on August 15, 2010

avastlogo I’ve used the same antivirus software on my PC for over a decade and have been pleased with how the company has supported updates and discreet reminder in both the free version and low priced home protection. Unfortunately things have changed for me, after struggling with an upgrade to the 5.0 update, I shifted back to version 4.8 due to how it secures email. Avast 5.0 would not allow MozillaThunderbird email client to use one of the accounts … and the only way I could use it was to disable the Avast email protection – not a problem with version 4.8.

So far so good, but eventually all good things come to an end and it looks as if 4.8 support is winding down. Daily, if not more I’m getting the warning that my version will expire soon … and I’m not happy with the nag. What to do, what to do?



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