2011 VW Jetta: the car has been engineered by accountants

Posted By on September 13, 2010

WSJ_2011VWJettaDanNeil10091 In this weekend’s WSJ, Dan Neil’s full page article on the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta highlighted design changes, some for “for pedestrian safety.” (see video below) The “safety” comments apply to more brands than the Volkswagen as design changes will apply to all new vehicle designs.  Personally I see the “pedestrian impact” even more critical since EVs and whisper quiet engine-off electric hybrids become more common on our roads.

Unfortunately his article also wasn’t complementary to VW in their plan to increase U.S. market share. In lowering the Jetta’s  base price (2011 Jetta’s base is $2000 cheaper than 2010), the traditionally “well equipped” features associated with past Jetta models are lacking – see a previous post. (TDI shoppers note: diesel models will have higher level of standard equipment)

For buyers, this will mean that the Jetta might become less of a driver’s car and more of a“people’s car” something traditional VW enthusiasts remember well.

VWv30_1 VWv30_2


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