Tech Friday: Simple Thunderbird email add-on to pass on

Posted By on September 10, 2010

tb313 I’ve used Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client for quite a few years now and as it is with most software, it all in what one get use to using. Recent upgrades have required me to make adjustments to my set-up and I grumbled a bit … but for the most part upgrading to 3.1.3 has been an improvement.

After getting things working as it was before, I still wanted to figure out how to re-order my email accounts; the only stock option is to pick a single default and allow the more recently added accounts to list in the order in which they are added. I’ve dealt with this for years and its not a deal breaker, but an annoyance.

One way to correct the listing order is to open the prefs.js file for Thunderbird and edit each account number. This isn’t all that challenging, but with add-ons I found an easy solution. Check out mozjonathan’s Manually Sort Folders add-on. It is designed to sort the folders most of use keep in the right-hand sidebar, but there is also a tab which permits sorting email accounts. It was simple to sort my baker’s dozen of email accounts and restart Thunderbird. Now my the email addresses that I use most are listed right at the top under my default account — why did I wait so long?



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