A week of driving and my opinion on sunglasses

Posted By on October 22, 2010


After spending most of the week traveling from dawn to dusk each day, I’ve been either too tired or just busy to add a few things that have been on my mind … one of which was my opinions on the firing of Juan Williams by NPR. As a FoxNews viewer and lifetime NPR listener I was incensed enough to write and post to NPR regarding their stupidity … maybe I’ll post my frustrations later.

Speaking of traveling this time of year, the color changing rolling hills and beautiful skies of the midwest have made my trips pleasurable. sunglasseswelcometoohioSpending hours on the roads have also made me a self-proclaimed expert on sunglasses. I’ve had more than a few different kinds of sunglasses for driving, flying and sailing over the years and have whittled my preferences down to three different types.

For driving in bright sunlight, I prefer non-prescription grey glass lens aviator style sunglasses – although I can’t comment on prescription versions. The wire-framed large lens glasses are comfortable for hours on end and offer a long-lasting scratch resistance ‘darker’ type lens that both reduces eyestrain and cuts glare (my current pair are not polarized, but I wouldn’t mind having a polarized pair).

sunglassescolorenhancingWhen the skies are overcast or roads are ‘kicking up’  a mist on the windshield I prefer the amber ‘color enhancing’ lens. I have both a glass amber non-prescription version and recently purchase a reasonably priced pair of progressive ‘cheater’ lens sunglasses which is helpful when glancing down to read a note, map or to dial a phone number (left — note distorting of bottom of image on photo).

The final type of sunglasses I like is for outdoor sporting use. I preferred a low cost wrap-around style of sunglasses that helps block sunlight from beaming in from the sides. Either a safety style glasses or a full frame sports type seems to work well and are inexpensive, but it isn’t always easy to find a cheap pair that is distortion free.

safetysunglasses  wraparoundsunglasses


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