A video look at the French released Palm Pre 2

Posted By on November 6, 2010

Although the new HP Palm Pre 2 has shown up in France, and according to rumors (an accidental web posting) will be available on Verizon in a couple days, I’m having a hard time getting too excited. That’s probably a good thing since my carrier Sprint may not have it for a while.

The added memory and 1ghz processor should make it snappier and bring Palm devices up to the current speed that Android and iPhone users have been upgraded too. The features in the enhanced webOS 2.0 operating system shipping on the new HP devices will also improve on a few productivity glitches … but still I’m hearing that a few things that we once had with old PalmOS devices are still not supported. I do like the new ‘gorilla glass’ screen and portrait/vertical oriented slide-out keyboard, but occasionally find myself envious of devices with bigger screens — but, it’s a cellphone and many of us want to carry it in our pockets, right?

I’ll hold my judgment for now … and cross my fingers that HP/Palm has also done something to extend battery life.


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