Archiving: Anyone on the fence for a skidplate?

Posted By on November 17, 2010

I’m archiving an older forum post from a few years back when I still had my little diesel Jetta. Occasionally someone asks me why I’m “pro-skidplate” on a Volkswagen TDI and I point them to this post …

Don’t be on the fence. Here’s a older photo taken shortly after I installed a skidplate … and the ‘chunk’ that caused it.

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  • Rich, the photos don’t show up. 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads-up Jacob. Hopefully I’ve fixed the problem … and of course you recognized this skidplate. 🙂 Any new dings?

  • OH, yeah, had a pretty good scraping today pulling into Walgreens. I had a run in with a large chunk of foam that pushed the plastic wheel well into my tire and gave me a good melty smell and a bunch of missing plastic. Dealing with a leaky injector now. Need to find out where it’s leaking and if it’s worth the big $ to replace it or try for a smaller amount to put new seals in it.

    • Jacob,

      The seal kit is more intimidating than difficult. When we did ours I started a video but can’t recall what happened too it. I’ll look for the footage and post it on my blog on Sunday since I couldn’t find it here — I must not have posted it. The top seal (if that is the one leaking) is pretty straight forward … the lower seal a bit more challenging and I think that’s the video we lost. 🙁

  • I’m thinking of taking it up to Growler in Columbus to to the replacement. Otherwise I’m also considering purchasing a re-manufactured pump, but I found one that costs about half as much as most are listed for. I’m all about saving some money but it has me curious.

    $175 labor + $ 12.00 parts to replace the seals
    $175 labor + $ 400.00 for re-manufactured pump
    $175 labor + $1,200.00 for re-manufactured pump sold everywhere else.

    I’m hopefully going to have some time tomorrow to figure out where my leak is.

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