Cyber Monday email overload

Posted By on November 29, 2010

cybermondayemailsSo … how many Cyber Monday emails have flooded your inbox today? By 10:30 EST I’ve counted 56 emails that are in my inbox (or spam folder) highlighting “cyber” and suspect there will be a few more that show up before the day’s end. Some of the more unconventional “cyber” sales are for cruises, woodworking tools, shoes, jewelry and even a home furnace inspection! Why not just extend Black Friday to include the weekend and Monday?


  • cause it wouldn’t be Friday? 🙂

    • The “mega-sale” days are getting as bad as all the “special days” being promoted by greeting card companies … but I do hate missing out on saving a few bucks on something I was planning to purchase anyway.

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    I didn’t know the term Cyber Monday until now. I do know that I didn’t send emails to Americans on Monday during the European business day because I knew they’d just be piling onto 4 days worth of unread mail. The exceptions were with Americans whom I knew were caught up on their email because they replied to me Sunday night their time.

    To stop email overload, I use my company’s EmailTray notifier that has 4 Inboxes where a smart algorithm has pre-sorted everything.

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