Tech Friday: Soluto helps to speed up Window 7 boot times

Posted By on November 19, 2010

soluto_readinessmonitorThe boot modifying program called Soluto seems to help keep my Windows 7 notebook computer’s cold boot a bit snappier. Although my older Windows machine may not be up to netbook, tablet or Macbook speeds, the improved one minute and 44 second boot is better than without the Soluto tweaks. The company’s tagline as “anti-frustration” software is partially true and I enjoy the improved control and ability to delay some boot program starts when doing a full boot. I generally “hibernate” my notebook, but purposely reboot a couple times of week to refresh the memory and clear the sluggishness that often creeps in after day to day use.

So give Soluto a try and tell me what you think. It’s a free download and the folks at Soluto offer feedback from others in percentages for advice in which boot programs to ‘pause’ or ‘delay.’

My recent cold start boot … after tweaks.



  • It’s amazing what one can achieve when some effort is put in that domain. The folks at Ubuntu decided about 1-2 years ago to put some real effort into streamlining the bootstrap process. The result: my daughter’s ancient laptop (6-7 years old??) boots to usability in less than a minute while my relatively new work laptop (WinXP) is still in the mode of “turn it on and go get coffee”.

    • I’m ok with a usable cold boot in under 2 minutes … but now how to keep my battery from draining and be able to wake up my computer from a hibernation state a bit quicker. (I’m not complaining — Win 7 is considerably faster than XP, but still isn’t a MacBook)

      • Indeed Standby/Hibernate seems to be the only thing that gives me some sanity with my work laptop. Although when I shift it between my office docking station and my home dock station, the change in environment (wired vs wireless, dimensions of 2nd monitor, attached peripherals, etc) can sometimes leave the laptop confused.

        • I know what you mean … I switch between traveling with just the computer to using it in combination with my “giant” 2nd monitor (see photo) when I’m sitting at my home office. It’s so hard to get use to all that extra screen real estate! 🙂

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