How to Make a Christmas Card Star – wikiHow

Posted By on December 10, 2010

Archiving a Christmas Star ornament that was forwarded by a friend; my daughter might enjoy making one? (Thanks Wolfgang)


  • 1

    Print out this pattern

  • 2

    Copy the pattern onto the interior of your cards (so that the cover design is on the other side) by cutting it out and tracing it. Then draw in the fold lines with a ruler. See the Tips for how to score the fold lines.

  • 3

    Cut the pattern out and start folding! This would be a great time put on some music and invite the family to help. To make this Christmas star, you’ll need to cut 20 cards.

  • 4

    Close the triangles. Use your favorite glue along each of the long flaps to seal the point of each star.

  • 5

    Print out this pattern. Use heavy card stock or print your pattern onto regular paper and then paste the pattern onto a cereal box or other light cardboard. This will be the body of the star.

  • 6

    Cut, score and once again fold along all the lines.

  • 7

    Glue together carefully.

  • 8

    Glue the points onto the star until it’s done! Give it time to dry and you’ll have a beautiful decoration made out of recycled Christmas cards.

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