Mercy Ships is a medical charity worthy of support

Posted By on December 28, 2010

Over the years, I’ve encouraged several friends to consider supporting the medical charity, partially because I like it’s efficient and effective self-contained hospital ships. mercyshipslogoBesides that, it is also is a well managed and long running humanitarian charity (1978) which has a solid structure and experience board. As 2010 draws to a close, I thought the holidays might be a good time to promote it for those looking for a deserving place for charitable dollars.

The hospital ships operated by provide more of their care along the west coast of Africa and in 2010 cared for nearly 1/2 million people. Their volunteer doctors and medical staff working out of a base ship are able to provide everything from teaching communities to care for their own, to life saving surgeries in their shipboard operating rooms. It is an efficient system of providing excellent doctors and care to as many lives as possible.

Consider making a small donation today as a start and perhaps you’ll find yourself encouraging others to do the same next year – or take a look at the volunteer position available. It is a worthy humanitarian service.

Dear Rich –

Because of partners like you, in the last year we were able to help more people than ever before. I am so very proud to share with you that during our 2010 Field Service we impacted the lives of over 480,000 people. Thanks to your prayers and support, men, women, and children in desperate need received life-changing treatments and surgeries. There are just a few days left to help us do even more. Make a donation to Mercy Ships by midnight on December 31 and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, by one generous donor – doubling the impact.

There is nothing more fulfilling than to know you are helping to provide the life-saving surgery for a small child in need or the equipment for a community to be self-sustaining. And yet, for every life that is changed, we must remember the thousands more who are still desperate for hope and healing.

Help us do even more for the world’s forgotten poor in 2011. As we head into our Field Service in Sierra Leone, please prayerfully consider what you can do to support our work. Give now to change as many lives as possible:

Wishing a healthy and happy 2011 to you and yours,
Mark Thompson
Vice President International Programs
Mercy Ships


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