Stripping old varnish, making repairs and re-finishing

Posted By on February 14, 2011

I’m had a problem with my speed/log and particularly depth sounding Navman instruments on the boat this last trip and I brought back both the instrument ‘heads’ (transducers are in the hull) and the teak mounting pod from above the companionway. Although I’m not sure what is wrong with the instruments, I’m running them in simulation mode for a few days – no problem so far.


I’ve also started stripping the many coats of varnish off the teak and glued up a couple of the splits (left in photo above – click for larger). After some weekend sanding and a little pre-varnish clear sanding sealer, I’ve started the 4 coat varnishing process. This is one of the few pieces of teak that I will end up varnishing – it is something I enjoy doing.

Queston: A couple of the stainless steel screw mounting holes have been countersunk a bit to far, is there any repair other than a wood filler or JB Weld epoxy that can be used to correct these?


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