My son’s final day of spring break – mine too!

Posted By on March 12, 2011

TaylorAtWheel_4772Although the weather in Florida this week has been a bit temperamental, we’ve enjoyed our father/son week together. From strong winds and cold fronts to a full day of torrential rain … and yes some sunshine. We never knew what the next day was going to offer us.

As for temperatures, they were mostly mild, but the last couple of days saw record nighttime lows – 38 F on Friday night. Brr … glad we had Brenda’s little 110v ceramic space heater to use at the dock. The 6 hours we spent on the water Friday was windy and only 60 F – we were glad we were usually behind the spray dodger and had our fleece pullovers and jackets.

On a separate note, it was great to be able to hand off some of the skippering duties to Taylor; he picked up sailing Encore better than I expected. He also never complained about the many crewing tasks … even mopping out the bilge TWICE due to an ill-fitting hose that burst at the hot water tank.

We’ll do a final wrap up Saturday morning and begin to make our way home. What a great time and a privilege to have my son give up time that he could have spent with friends enjoying spring break party life – instead, he decided to spend his break with me. I’m a fortunate dad.

Photo of Taylor was with my Canon DSLR; below with goofy color with my Palm Pre.


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