The right steps to rebuilding a positive reputation starts with students

Posted By on March 30, 2011

Considering an excellent education and respected alma mater is critical for career opportunities, it is important that the administration, alumni and the student body work together to rehabilitate Miami’s tarnished reputation. Miami University’s student body president Heath Ingram is on the right track. Blaming just a couple sororities as many defending Miami as a whole have done, isn’t the answer … considering an atmosphere with ‘potential for embarrassment’ is blatantly obvious almost every weekend in the college town of Oxford. As an alum, it is good to see a student leader recognizing the value of a positive Miami reputation and inspiring other students to do the same.

Miami University’s student body president on Tuesday called the drunken behavior of sororities last spring that made national headlines “ridiculous.”

He challenged all students to help the school regain the respect it lost when two greek organizations made Miami a punch line due to excessive drinking and partying that included destroying property.

“I’m asking us to work harder and play smarter,” Heath Ingram said.

“I’m not advocating that students not enjoy themselves. But I would hate it if when people think Miami that they think of Green Beer Day. …

“If you don’t want to do it for the sake of Miami, do it for the sake of your own educational background.”

Ingram spoke during his State of Miami address at the Farmer School of Business before more than 100 students.

During the speech, he stressed school pride, ways the school is working to attract the best students and strengthen its bond with alumni.

Ingram said few Ohioans are aware that Miami competes with the nation’s elite institutions and ranks higher academically than Yale, is tied with Princeton and is behind only Darthmouth.

“I want to inspire students here to recognize that Miami has a remarkable reputation as an institution and to play a role in making the university better,” Ingram said.

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