Ordered Rawhide Down and watched 127 Hours

Posted By on April 2, 2011

I’m looking forward to reading a new book, Rawhide Down, the near assassination of Ronald Reagan, by Del Quentin Wilber, after listening to a couple of interviews while driving this week. The history and medical component to the story really sounded compelling, particularly since it was a piece of history that I remember – besides my daughter wants to read it too. 

1: WHYY Radio Times interview with Del Quentin Wilber

NetFlix sent a movie from my queue called 127 Hours – it was way too intense! Do not watch if you have a queasy stomach when in comes to outdoor survival stories. This is the movie version of the real life story of Aron Ralston; he was trapped for 5 day by a boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah before he cut off his own arm … it is an amazing feat of survival. The film (trailer below) is based on his autobiography, Between a Rock and a Hard Place (book cover left).


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