Storms, rain and more unusually severe weather continues

Posted By on May 23, 2011

PRE_2011-05-23-191406 PRE_2011-05-23-193537

I worked my way home west to east in southwestern Ohio either pursuing or being pursued by the severe thunderstorms passing through Monday night. I had to clear a tree and branches in our lane before I could safely get my car into the garage (photo below). The wind was blowing ‘straight-lined’ so hard that at one point it wrapped a traffic light completely around the cable it was hanging from on Cincinnati-Dayton Road in Liberty Township. While looking at the telephone and electric lines oscillating up and down one would think it was emulating a frequency wave. Even though it was nasty here, I can’t imagine what those living in Joplin Missouri are going through … death toll currently at 116 people. (EDIT: Death toll rises to 122 as of 5/24. Added video clip below)



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