Look who continues to receive taxpayer (and borrowed) dollars

Posted By on August 16, 2011

With the Obama administration failing to lead in the area we expect, liberal politicians (might as well say “all politicians”) have little problem taking a leadership role when it comes to telling the industry how to run their businesses.


The Department of Energy distributes our taxes as gifts grants as a way to warp free market capitalism to achieve “their vision” – an EV in every garage (perhaps we should still be thankful “they” will still permit us individual car ownership?) If I sound a little cynical, it is because I’m not fond of the gamesmanship most businesses are forced to engaged in so they can compete. Let’s see, to stay completive business pays for political clout (lobbyist and campaign donations) in order to receive millions in federal grant dollars from the bloated taxpayer funded bureaucracy in Washington DC so they can sell their cars back to taxpayers at a profit.

If it were up to me, maybe the Department of Energy would be a good place to start when tackling our country’s addiction to taxing, borrowing and spending.

General Motors, Chrysler and Ford were among the three-dozen entities that received a combined $175 million in U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grants to be used to further develop technology aimed at boosting light-duty vehicle fuel economy by more than 75 percent over the next 14 years.



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