Financial markets down again, continuing the summer of pain

| August 19, 2011

The Dow closes at the low of the day noting that few want to stay long for the weekend. Moving the market down was the misguided management at HP after their announcement yesterday (traded down 20% today and yanking the DJIA with it). Hard to believe an iconic American company with such deep pockets and […]

Tech Friday and QR codes for smartphones and tablets

| August 19, 2011

I’m getting pretty geeky with this post, but then again it this is a Tech Friday post. Having recently installed a QR (Quick Response) code reader on my Palm Pre, I’ve been trying to figure out just how to use them effectively. Obviously people sitting on a computer don’t need to use their smart-phone to […]

A sad day for the future of HP/Palm webOS devices

| August 19, 2011

I was disappointed to hear that HP lost its way as a productive technology company in this economic downturn and was caught off-guard in their decision to say “so long” to webOS. (business story LINK) As a longtime webOS Palm Pre user (a “longtime” is a relative term for smartphones), I’ve been wondering just what […]

Desultory - des-uhl-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee

  1. lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful: desultory conversation.
  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.
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