Shifting from Google for web searching

Posted By on August 3, 2011


I’ve recently made a switch to a new search engine after reading Google’s Terms of Service Agreement a little more closely. The wording of the TOS along with googletracksduckduckgodoesnmy security conscious friend’s regular reminders regarding web privacy and information security triggered a search for a better search engine. offers a free, lean webpage search along with convenient extensions for both browsers that I regularly use … Chrome and Firefox. After a week of using the new search engine, it is very good. I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t track and profile my search results to interested parties – link. (check out the illustrated to better understand why this is important)

If this kind of change is of interest to you, you might want to check out these other privacy tools … although I did find adding the TorProject really slows an Internet response time down. (see

Abine Privacy suite.

Firefox | Chrome

Adblock Plus Blocks ads.

Firefox | Chrome

AdBlock Blocks ads.

Safari | Chrome

AdSweep Blocks ads.

Opera | Chrome

Beef Taco No ad network tracking.


Disconnect No tracking from major sites.


Ghostery No third-party tracking.

IE | Safari | Chrome | Firefox

BetterPrivacy No tracking from Flash.

Firefox | Others

NoScript Blocks JavaScript.


NotScripts Blocks JavaScript.

Chrome | Opera

HTTPS Everywhere No tracking.


Tor No tracking by being anonymous.

Bundle (includes Firefox)


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