HTC Eternity Windows phone rumored to sport a 4.7″ display

Posted By on September 1, 2011

htceternity1My friend Jeff and I were talking about computers, tablets, readers, phones, mp3 players and cameras the other day at lunch and debated what we really wanted. After seeing the “rumored” Windows HTC Eternity spy shots, I’m rethinking the gadgets and devices that being carried – and also having to keep charged. The more I watch people use these larger screen smartphones, the more I realized they become the “go-to” devices for more and more information. Unfortunately they are also rather bulky for casual summertime shorts and tee-shirt attire and are still limiting when it comes to battery life and typing?

Here’s a little translated German text regarding the Eternity leak …

… a picture of Eternity HTC has surfaced, showing us a high-end Windows Mobile 7 smartphone. The HTC Eternity will be presented in the early autumn and is now shipping with Windows Mobile 7.1 "Mango".

The highlight is yet to come, because the HTC Eternity is a 4.7-inch LCD have super screen! Qualcomm also a single-core processor comes with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz and an 8 megapixel camera is used. Additionally, the HTC Eternity an HDMI output and supports additional DLNA. Furthermore, it looks like this in the picture as if the HTC Eternety a unibody aluminum case. Here is a picture of the full specifications of the HTC Eternity.




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