Congratulation to 15 years of bucking media bias

Posted By on October 12, 2011

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Love it or hate it, this week marks Fox News 15th year of growing into the “most trusted name in news” or at least the most popular name in cable news. They began competing where news was for the most part controlled by left leaning news organizations (and news anchors) and shook things up by offering an alternate angle. They call it “fair and balanced” although most recognize Fox for a line up of logo-foxnewsconservative commentators with respectable journalist and non-bias solid news in between. The recipe worked and Americans responded with tuning in and in recent 2011 primetime cable news research, Fox News has doubles the viewership of CNN and MSNBC combined.

From challenging interviews with presidents to pressuring those with hidden or not so hidden agendas … Fox News holds public officials feet to the fire and gives voice to a conservative population in American that has been neutered and ignored in decades past. Congratulations to those bucking the status quo and presenting the news from a different perspective. The business tycoon Rupert Murdock who risked building Fox News has certainly lived up to making it “the most powerful news organization in America.” Free speech and a variety of opinions has been the cornerstone of our country, and like it or not, it is good for America to hear views from all sides.

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