The continuing MGB Weber 32/36 DGV carburetor problem

Posted By on October 29, 2011

As I continue to diagnose and tinker with my MGB and the Weber 32/36 DGV carburetor and manifold kit that replace the Zenith carb, big_weberI’m still having problems figuring out why it will not idle off of choke. So as long as I have the choke on, the car will idle hot or cold at near 900 RPM, but as soon as the choke is opened up, the engine will die. I’ve check compression and look for any leaks in the manifold or gaskets that could be letting in too much air, checked the fuel pump pressure (seems fine) and replace plugs and wires. I’ve advanced and retarded the timing to the extremes and cleaned out (and adjusted) the needle valves on the carburetor.

See adjustment pdf

Hopefully directing this post to Brit-tek or others with expertise will help in the diagnosis. I’m including a video clip for clarity below.


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