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Posted By on November 19, 2011

collegeroomates_grad1981As mentioned before, I’m not an active Facebook user but I do check in on my account whenever I receive the cursory email (too many from FB BTW). After noticing an incorrectly tagged photo …twice ….yesterday I made a couple wisecracks to my nephews about it. At about the same time I was sorting through my home office desk drawer and ran across a couple old photos. I’m not sure why, but decided to post one of them to Facebook. These memories made me smile and in keeping with yesterday’s “reminiscing” theme will include the 1981 Ohio Northern University graduation photo above (my roommates: Bill Gordon in front, Jerry Moody, moi and Don Blinn L to R)

I’m not letting my grown nephews off the hook for “incorrectly tagging” me either … so I’ll include a couple “cute” photos of these now 30 year old handsome … and much bigger than me … men below. (Ben and David …. on our sailboat Brenich in 1984 – click for larger.) 

brenich_chris_david_ben1984 brenich_skinnerboys1984


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