The Bahamas look pretty inviting this time of year

Posted By on January 15, 2012

Although I love our house and like living in Ohio, winter is the time I envy those who have sailed south and are spending their days exploring the islands of the Caribbean.

Jen and Maxwell sailing in the Bahamas on sv Anastasia January 2012

A sailing couple spending the winter in the Bahamas aboard their Baba Anastasia posted the photo above, no doubt knowing at least a few of us reading their blog or checking their Facebook page would be dreaming that we were there too. Very nice. It has me remembering the old 1980s song and advertising campaign … “It’s better in the Bahamas” and times on Baba 25 years or so ago  … certainly good memories when I read about Jen and Maxwell.

Brenda and Rich on “Brenich” our Baba back in the early 1980s


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