Nickel and dime style increases continue at Sprint

Posted By on February 16, 2012

Although I’ve stayed with Sprint for mobile service for over a decade, I’m constantly irritated with their tweaking. sprintlogoJust when I was starting to calm down from the last couple go-arounds over a discount structure and then AirRave billing, the monthly invoice increased again. Not by much mind you, but enough to increase my bill each month (quite a bit if you multiple it by 12 months).

Once again I jumped on the phone and worked my way through their billing phone tree in order to talk with a representative who could explain — Paraphrased: “Sprint has changed the way they apply the corporate discounts on the shared minutes service plan. We will only be applying the discount to "one” phone and the second share phone line (which was free) will be billed at the regular additional phone rate.”


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