Dorothy Love: A nice place for rehab [edit]

Posted By on May 22, 2012


Everyone wants to head home after a hospital stay … and that includes my mom, but if rehab is called for and skilled nursing care required, I can’t think of a better place than the Dorothy Love community. It is just a few miles from my mom and dad’s house in Sidney Ohio and an easy country road drive for my dad. The surroundings are clean and homey, the staff very polite and genuinely kind and care seems to be good. Hopefully they are not too easy on mom and are able to push hard enough to get her to work in rehab so she’ll be back on her feet and able to head home soon. We’ll see.

I had a positive visit this weekend as mom was reasonably clear headed due to the reduction in pain meds, but still very weak. I brought home the meds list and am having the doctors, pharmacist and nursing in the family review them … really hope to reduce a few that cause her to be so tired and foggy in the head.

She has a nice room, a comfortable bed and powered recliner chair as well as a nice sitting chair and TV to make dad’s longer visits survivable. He is happy to be home and enjoyed going out to eat with me before I headed home. Hopefully this stay won’t go on indefinitely and that she’ll soon be able to care for herself, move around without pain and get some quality of life back.
Written Monday


EDIT Tuesday morning:
My positive feelings on leaving were short lived and I may have written a premature entry … although still found the Dorothy Love facility excellent. Unfortunately mom had some labored breathing Tuesday morning (4:30AM) and they sent her to the ICU and called dad. Dad followed up with a trip to the hospital and calls to my brother and me this morning. I followed up with a call to the nurse in the ICU who indicated her Troponin levels were being discussed by the doctors at the moment, but that her INR was ok. They have her on breathing assist, but she has anxiety with an changes or attention at this point. I’ll probably head up after work today.


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