Archiving thinkering and items for insurance purposes

Posted By on June 25, 2012

needwarmledbulbsArchiving a few Encore “thinkering” photos so as to begin searching for upgrades. The four smaller reading lights are currently halogen and draw too many amps and create too much heat for the boat. I’m hoping to be able to replace them with warm-white LED bulbs as they improve and come down in price. ( LED Wholesale )

I would really prefer to purchase new fixtures from AlpenGlow but that would be costly; I do intend to replace the two lights above the table with one or two though(photo below). They are expensive others who have installed them are happy that they did.

Since our trips have been minimal there hasn’t been a need to run the little Honda EU 2000i generator aboard just yet, but since I’m moving the boat ashore decided to take the little power plant to the storage locker for the season and take a photo for insurance purposes. (besides I’d like to run it a bit too)

lightstoreplacewithalpinegl honda2000igenerator


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