One boat project done and a couple more show up

Posted By on June 24, 2012

enginecontrolsThe list of boat related projects continues to grow. Just as I knock a couple off the list, a few more pop up. First the “stop engine” cut-off cable broke  and although I can climb to the bilge and manually move the lever to choke of air, it is much more convenient to do it from the helm.
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That said, I was able to shorten the existing cable enough to get the old cable to work again, but it began the thinking process regarding the existing engine gear control lever and throttle. It is well pitted and the rubber is cracked. Yes it still works, but then so did the stop lever until I pull on it a little hard. Perhaps it is time to start looking around for replacements (cable too.) A quick Internet search pointed me to Teleflex/Morse controls looks like it might work since I couldn’t find Technoflex control parts on the web.

As for a few other project before putting Encore on the hard, I replaced the Spinlock line clutched that I repaired at home (previous post 1 and post 2). Besides that, a few electrical issue hard me rewiring the fuse that runs to the meter that measure output (it gets a little too hot???) and the manual switch and fuse for the electric bilge pump (and after fiddling down there, looks as if I’ll be doing a little bilge cleaning).


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